“Brittany Mahomes Unapologetically Fires Back at Critics: ‘I Couldn’t Care Less About People’s Opinions,’ Supported by Husband Patrick Mahomes”


“Brittany Mahomes, the resilient wife of Kansas City Chiefs’ superstar Patrick Mahomes, is standing firm amid the ongoing criticism she faces from NFL fans. Addressing the scrutiny in an Instagram Q&A, Mahomes made it clear that external opinions no longer impact her, stating, ‘I could give two s—s about people’s opinion of me that don’t even know me.’

Criticism heightened in January 2022 when Mahomes sprayed champagne over a crowd of Chiefs fans at Arrowhead Stadium, a move labeled ‘reckless’ by some. Engaging in disputes with fans on X (formerly Twitter) over criticism of NFL officials further fueled the public conversation.

"Brittany Mahomes Unapologetically Fires Back at Critics: 'I Couldn't Care Less About People's Opinions,' Supported by Husband Patrick Mahomes"

Brittany and Patrick’s journey was showcased in the Netflix show ‘Quarterback,’ providing an intimate look at their relationship’s origins. The two met in seventh and eighth grade, with Patrick stuck in the ‘friend zone.’ Recounting their teenage years, Patrick admitted trying to flirt and even giving Brittany a rose as a joke, unintentionally revealing his crush.

Their story took an unexpected turn when classmates began chanting, ‘Kiss him!’ at their lunch table, making the atmosphere awkward for ‘just friends.’ Despite the initial awkwardness, Brittany found the gesture cute, leading to a realization of her feelings for Patrick. As they started talking and eventually dating, the rest became a heartwarming history for the couple.”