Coco Gauff has finally open up on her romantic relationship with…

Coco Gauff has finally open up on her romantic relationship with...



Coco Gauff has quickly become one of the most popular athletes following her performance and her win at the 2023 US Open. And while many are focused on her tennis skills, others are intrigued about her personal life, as she has positioned herself as a star in the United States and around the world.

The 19-year-old Grand Slam champion has been sharing glimpses of her personal life, including her love life, making many wonder if she has a romantic interest, apart from her passion for the sport. During a press conference, Coco revealed that the night before her US Open final, she called up her boyfriend, confirming that she is in fact in a relationship.

“I was envisioning, you know, what would happen if I would win,” she explained at the time. “Last night, I started a little bit, but honestly, I just called my boyfriend, and I told him let’s talk until it’s time to go to sleep so we spoke until 1:00 a.m. and then I went to sleep.”

Coco Gauff has finally open up on her romantic relationship

It seems Coco has been in a serious relationship for a while, as she also mentioned her boyfriend briefly back in April during an interview with Tennis Channel’s Warm and Fuzzy. “It makes you feel like you want to be in love,” the player said after listening to a harp melody on the show, causing the host to ask her about her love life.

“Dare I even ask about your love life now?” the host said, to which she responded, “God, I hope he doesn’t see this,” indicating that their romance is still under wraps. Fans have been speculating about the identity of her romantic partner, with rumors including fellow players Carlos Alcaraz and Ben Shelton. However, Coco has proven to have nothing but a friendship with them, and it seems we will have to wait until the big reveal.