Crowd Erupts As Taylor Swift Sings About ‘Falling In Love Again’ On Eras Tour

Crowd Erupts As Taylor Swift Sings About ‘Falling In Love Again’ On Eras Tour


Taylor Swift is currently on her worldwide Eras Tour, and she is surprising fans along the way. The pop icon changed up her set list in Argentina as she played two songs — “The Very First Night” and “Labyrinth” — which are not usually heard live by fans.

In the song, “Labyrinth” Swift sings, “Oh no, I’m falling in love again,” which she did live on stage while playing the piano. Fans don’t think it’s a coincidence that she added this specific song to her set list, as she has been spotted going on dates with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce for nearly two months now.

Taylor Swift Sings ‘I’m Falling In Love Again’ On Eras Tour Stop In Argentina

During her Eras Tour show in Argentina, Taylor Swift shocked fans when she sang “Labyrinth,” a song that had not yet been on the set list for her entire tour.

Things seem to be heating up between her and Travis Kelce as fans don’t think it is a coincidence she added this specific song to the tour, belting out, “Oh no, I’m falling in love again. Oh, I’m falling in love,” in front of thousands of fans.

Fans immediately flooded X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, sharing their excitement for the surprise song. “I love falling in love at the same time as Taylor Swift. ts11 is gonna hit DIFFERENT,” one fan said.

Although Travis Kelce was not in attendance to hear Swift sing those lyrics, he did just touch down in Buenos Aires to watch his girl perform in Latin America.

Last month, a source came out and stated that “Taylor’s unlike anyone Travis has dated before. It was very unexpected for his friends, but he’s so into her and very, very happy.”

“Some people thought he was just joking around about the bracelet and having a crush on her earlier this summer, but he was serious about it,” referring to Kelce’s attempt to give Swift his phone number on a friendship bracelet. It seems that the corny move worked, as Swift then appeared at a Chiefs game to cheer on Kelce, even sitting next to his mom, Donna Kelce, during the game.

Crowd Erupts As Taylor Swift Sings About ‘Falling In Love Again’ On Eras Tour

According to the insider, who spoke with People, Swift and Kelce are “having a great time getting to know one another” and “have introduced some of their friends to each other” in recent weeks.

Swift was seen hanging out with Brittany Mahomes, the wife of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who is also friends with Travis Kelce both on and off the field. She was also seen hanging out with Kelce’s mom and Mahomes’s brother, Jackson, while cheering the Chiefs tight end on at various football games.

It seems the two are certainly taking things to the next level as they continue to support each other, no matter what.