“For the Kids”: After Simone Biles, Husband Jonathan Owens Shows His Fatherly Side in Sweet Cause for Children

“For the Kids”: After Simone Biles, Husband Jonathan Owens Shows His Fatherly Side in Sweet Cause for Children


Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens made their compelling entrances to the sports scene becoming powerful figures this year. Their romance, which began in the early COVID-19 time, resulted in a happy April wedding. Even though it was difficult to keep up a long-distance relationship, they continued to steal meaningful moments from each other. But in the midst of their enjoyment as individuals, their steadfast dedication to generosity never faltered.

Last year, Biles received the highest civilian honor in the country, Medal of Freedom, by President Joe Biden at the White House. And, she is still committed to enabling other kids to achieve their goals having been in foster care herself. Now, Owens took the lead as Thanksgiving approached, showing their mutual commitment to giving back to society.

The debate of how many kids the Owens want has hardly taken the backseat when the NFL player dropped in another fatherly cue. However, doing good deeds has always been personal for both Biles and Owens. Since Thanksgiving is around the corner, Owens took to his Instagram and shared a holiday special post. He captioned it, “Excited to announce I’ll be partnering with the Boys and Girls Club of Green Bay and Festival Foods for my second annual Turkey giveaway.” He further added, “Feels amazing being able to bless families and provide lifelong memories for the kids.”

Noting his second holiday-time collaboration, he said, “It’s always been important to me to give back especially during the holidays.” Owens was involved in a similar fun project on July 13th, when he joined a bunch of young football players. He gave the high school children a lesson in football during his visit to the football cadets in St. Louis, Missouri. He smiled as he thought back on it, saying, “Another successful camp in the books!” Now, eager for the next activity, he wrote, “Thank you all for the support, Monday can’t get here fast enough.”

Can a single caring connection help children in foster care become the people they want to be and lead them toward their dreams? No one has walked on this better than Simone Biles, who was adopted at the age of four. Biles often helps kids who are going through similar situations. In partnership with Friends of the Children, she led the charge of bringing the organization’s mission to her native Houston. This program links every kid with a mentor, creating a supportive relationship that lasts for at least 12 years, with the goal of developing long-lasting ties with foster youngsters. While this just happens to be a feather in her wings, the gymnast was also recognized for her humanitarian commitments.

“For the Kids”: After Simone Biles, Husband Jonathan Owens Shows His Fatherly Side in Sweet Cause for Children

Simone Biles gets rewarded with one of the greatest honor
President Joe Biden announced a list of 17 exceptional individuals who were chosen to receive the esteemed 2022 Presidential Medal of Freedom on July 1, 2022. Following that, on July 7, the honor was given away during a ceremony held at the White House in Washington, D.C.

Acclaimed for her unmatched Worlds and Olympic 37 medals, the honor was given for her outstanding gymnastics skills as well as her fervent support of “mental health and safety for athletes, children in the foster care system, and victims of sexual assault.”

The Presidential Medal of Freedom is the highest civilian award in the country and Biles was the youngest recipient of this accolade ever. Although her bright grin at the event said it all, she expressed her gratitude saying, “so honored & thankful to be recognized as a recipient.” Biles and Owens’ recognition of duties in their sports as well as beyond makes them a beloved couple and has rightfully gained a special place in the hearts of fans.