Gymnastics Legend: Simone Biles’ New Avatar In $15 Billion Reboot Goes Viral

Gymnastics Legend: Simone Biles’ New Avatar In $15 Billion Reboot Goes Viral


Gymnastics athlete or not, Simone Biles has grown to be an icon for many. The 20-time World Gold medalist has conquered her field and beyond to make herself a global star. Following her decision to cut her Tokyo Olympic journey short, Simone recently made her presence back on the field at the 2023 Worlds. The gymnast not only provided an example of prioritizing one’s well-being but also marked her excellent presence winning many hearts and accolades.

Simone’s performance at the 2023 Worlds was a base for the strong fan base that she holds. Be it little kids choosing Simone as their hero to dress up for Halloween, or honoring the gymnast by wearing her collection, the 26-year-old has found love everywhere. A newer update on the X today, adds on to the stronger image Biles has carried over for years since debut.

Simone Biles receives a new avatar

On the 8th of November, Gymnastics Now took to their X handle to share an exciting post of the gymnastics icon’s newly perceived avatar. The post read, “We asked AI to make Simone Biles a Disney Pixar character, and of course it made her a superhero.” The AI-generated image by the $15 Billion organization can be seen hosting a smiling avatar of Simone as she flaunts a leotard but with a ‘Superman’ sign on the front. And as many would agree, the AI wasn’t in the slightest of the wrongs.

The gymnast while experiencing success has also battled through the rocky roads that life often throws at one. Her position atop the pedestal brings into picture thousands of spectators; looking over closely and subconsciously for inspiration. The gymnast’s stand for one’s well-being prioritization and determination towards the sport fits the AI’s reimagination suitably well.


Gymnastics Legend: Simone Biles’ New Avatar In $15 Billion Reboot Goes Viral

Simone’s comeback at the Worlds
Biles made a comeback on an international level after two whole years of hiatus. However, as she returned, Simone’s vigor on the field remained the same while her outlook towards her extensive presence had stirred differently. During the 2023 World Gymnastics Championship, Simone led the team to their 7th consecutive title. Following up, the icon individually earned 3 golds and a silver; clinching a total of 34 World and Olympic medals, higher than any gymnast ever.

Though Simone’s performance remained as charming as ever, the gymnast revealed that she had learned to take a step back. “I was, like, married to gymnastics,” Simone told, “and now I feel like I’m attached to so many other things and gymnastics is just a part of my day because at the end of my practice, I’m like, ‘Well, I get to go home to a house, to my husband…” Be it on the grounds or off, Simone Biles continues to inspire and set examples.