IN PHOTOS: Brittany Mahomes gives sneak peek into daughter Sterling’s 3rd birthday bash

IN PHOTOS: Brittany Mahomes gives sneak peek into daughter Sterling's 3rd birthday bash


Patrick and Brittany Mahomes are getting ready to celebrate daughter Sterling Skye’s birthday today as she turns three. Mother Brittany has been pulling out all the stops to make her daughter’s birthday special.

She posted pictures on her Instagram account showing how they worked to make her birthday special. Here is a look at some of the pictures she posted.

The theme of the birthday reads “Sterling’s Two Sweet.” Sterling is seen with her friends, toys and food, enjoying the entire experience. There is an adorable picture with her mother as well. Dad Patrick also made an appearance in one of the pictures. The customary cakes, cards, candles and gifts make it as complete a birthday party as we can imagine.

Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Mahomes celebrate their daughter Sterling’s Birthday as she Turns 3 - Surprised her with an amazing gifts

It is indeed a special occasion in more ways than one. Sterling’s birthday carries special significance because of several firsts and unique events that are coming to pass because of the day.

Brittany Mahomes knows how special this birthday is for her daughter. Though she may be too young to grasp the significance of it all, this is her Second birthday with brother Bronze. Sterling’s brother was born in November 2022, so this is her turn to shine as an older sister.

This also happens to be her first birthday that Patrick and Brittany Mahomes are celebrating as a married couple. They tied the knot in March 2022, less than a month after their daughter’s first birthday.

IN PHOTOS: Brittany Mahomes gives sneak peek into daughter Sterling's 3rd birthday bash

What makes the birthday also unique from an NFL perspective is that her father was crowned a Super Bowl Champion, Super Bowl MVP and league MVP. This is not something she has ever experienced before.

Turning three is something special, but all the additional circumstances add to the significance of the event. This is a huge moment for the entire family and Brittany Mahomes is making sure that everything is in place accordingly.