Like it? Hate it? Where Travis Kelce got his ‘love hearts’ shirt for Taylor Swift show

Like it? Hate it? Where Travis Kelce got his ‘love hearts’ shirt for Taylor Swift show

Now that Travis Kelce is dating Taylor Swift, her fans are paying close attention to his iconic bold and colorful style and critiquing his fashion choices on social media.

And that shirt he wore in Argentina for arguably the couple’s biggest moment so far — The Kiss — divided Swiftieville. Some loved it. Others? Not so much.

“I need travis kelce’s argentina shirt for Thanksgiving!!!!,” gushed one Swift follower on X (formerly Twitter), where another fan wondered, “Is Travis Kelce wearing a Christmas shirt?”

No matter. All the attention has been great for the man whose company designed it.

“The exposure from Travis has been astronomical,” Palm Beach designer J. Logan Horne told Fox News Digital this past week. “Traffic on the J. Logan Home has skyrocketed, and searches for the brand have also increased dramatically.”

The brand, worn by Dua Lipa, Future, 2 Chainz and other celebrities, features one-of-a-kind apparel, the bolder the better, which mirrors Kelce’s own taste in fashion. He has reportedly worn at least four shirts from the line.

In his Maison collection, Horne remakes vintage designer scarves into shirts, “wearable art” as he calls them. Each shirt, assembled by hand, uses three scarves from the same European designer, he said.

Kelce’s Argentina shirt was made from vintage Yves Saint Laurent scarves.

The choice was “particularly telling as the scarf that makes up the back of the shirt is covered in love hearts,” the designer told Fox.

“No two pieces are ever alike, and this particular shirt is one of my all-time favorite creations,” said Horne, who would not say how much Kelce’s shirt cost. Most in the collection retail for more than $2,500.

Like it? Hate it? Where Travis Kelce got his ‘love hearts’ shirt for Taylor Swift show

“I’m not afraid to take risks and mix wild patterns, colors and materials to create wearable art. My style is all about imagination and pushing boundaries with fashion,” Horne told Fox.

Kansas City Chiefs fans are accustomed to seeing Kelce bust through style boundaries. Noting that the Chiefs star dresses himself, Horne called that “a testament to his extreme charisma because his personality certainly comes out through each of his outfit choices.”

Way back in the second week of the NFL preseason in August, Sports Illustrated declared Kelce to have the best pregame outfit in the league.

“Not many NFL players can compete with Kelce,” the sports magazine wrote after the tight end wore an orange and brown shirt emblazoned with a sun graphic, homage to Native American culture for the game in Phoenix against the Arizona Cardinals.

The look was classic Kelce: loud and colorful, a look his mother has suggested he began honing in high school.