Patrick Mahomes’ Mom Slams Bullies Amid Jackson, Brittany Backlash

Patrick Mahomes' Mom Slams Bullies Amid Jackson, Brittany Backlash


The mother of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has taken to social media with a set of cryptic posts that were shared online around the same time her other son, Jackson Mahomes, received backlash.


Jackson was accused of forcibly trying to kiss a restaurant owner on February 25, 2023. He was arrested in May for aggravated sexual battery charges and booked into the Johnson County Detention Center on May 3. Jackson appeared virtually for a court appearance and posted the $100,000 bond. The case is still ongoing. In May, Mahomes’ lawyer Brandan Davies told Newsweek that the court prohibited Jackson and his lawyers from commenting any further.


A clip of Jackson leaving jail went viral at the time and received more than 3.5 million views after it was posted in a tweet from local station KCTV5. The influencer took time away from platforms following the events but has recently reappeared online. Jackson’s reemergence saw him attend a Kansas City Chiefs match at the end of October.


It was this appearance that sparked an onslaught of negative comments online as he shared the VIP box with Taylor Swift. The singer was supporting the team and tight end Travis Kelce, whom she is reportedly dating. Swift’s recent appearances at several NFL matches have seen an increase in pop culture and music fans watching the sport. If there is one thing everyone knows, her fans, Swifties, are loyal and protective of her.


At the time, Swifties were quick to spot Jackson in the box and posted concerned messages on X, formerly Twitter. There were statements such as, “I’m going to need someone to get her out of that box immediately. Jackson Mahomes is there,” and “Chiefs security should be ashamed for letting Jackson Mahomes in the same room as Taylor Swift.”


Jackson also popped up in some social-media posts by his sister-in-law, Brittany Mahomes, which received fallout.


Brittany shared an Instagram Story of Jackson holding her daughter Sterling Skye in a car, per Sportskeeda. On closure inspection, Reddit users pointed out that it looked like there was no car seat for the child.


Not all NFL fans approved of Brittany and Swift’s friendship, with the pair now regularly pictured together. Football fanatics have posted that the two women are ruining the game due to the celebrity angle and are the two most hated people in the NFL.

Patrick Mahomes' Mom Slams Bullies Amid Jackson, Brittany Backlash

This friendship has been condemned, along with Jackson’s appearance in the VIP box, and now his mother, Randi Martin, or Randi Mahomes on X, has shared some cryptic posts.

One of her posts read: “I will never understand bullies and liars.. it’s honestly not ok… stay blessed.”

Another added: “I try every single day but it’s sad when it’s complete false. It hurts me.

It is unclear if Martin is rebuking Jackson’s online negativity and the court case filed against him, or another matter. This, however, is not the first time she has shared her thoughts online at a questionable time.

The day before Jackson was arrested, Martin posted on X: “The devil wouldn’t be attacking so hard if there wasn’t something Holy inside of you. Thieves don’t break into empty houses.. just a reminder all, Jesus wins.”