“Taylor Swift’s Concert Catapults Travis Kelce’s ‘Exclusive’ Shirt into the Spotlight; Designer Hails ‘Astronomical’ Exposure”


Headline: “Travis Kelce’s Stylish Kiss: J. Logan Home’s ‘Astronomical’ Exposure After Taylor Swift Concert”

Fans couldn’t help but swoon over Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s kiss after her Buenos Aires concert last Sunday, dissecting every moment – and one element that stole the spotlight was Kelce’s eye-catching green, white, and blue multi-pattern shirt by designer J. Logan Home.

“The exposure from Travis has been astronomical,” Home shared with Fox News Digital. “Traffic on the J. Logan Home has skyrocketed, and searches for the brand have also increased dramatically.”

Explaining the unique piece, the designer revealed, “Each shirt is a piece of wearable art, assembled by hand using three separate vintage scarves from the same European designer. This particular shirt was crafted from original Yves Saint Laurent scarves.” Highlighting the exclusivity, Home emphasized, “No two pieces are ever alike, and this particular shirt is one of my all-time favorite creations.”

Kelce’s choice to wear this distinctive shirt holds special meaning, as Home pointed out, “The fact that he chose to wear it for this occasion is particularly telling as the scarf that makes up the back of the shirt is covered in love hearts.”

Love was indeed in the air at Swift’s Buenos Aires concert, where she playfully changed the lyrics to her hit song “Karma” to call out Kelce, singing, “Karma is the guy on the Chiefs, coming straight home to me.”

"Taylor Swift's Concert Catapults Travis Kelce's 'Exclusive' Shirt into the Spotlight; Designer Hails 'Astronomical' Exposure"

Backstage, fans captured video footage of Swift running into Kelce’s arms and sharing a kiss.

Reflecting on Kelce’s style, Home noted, “Truthfully, Travis’ style reminds me a lot of my own. He loves bold patterns, color, and definitely isn’t afraid to take any risks when it comes to fashion. He also dresses himself, which is a testament to his extreme charisma because his personality
certainly comes out through each of his outfit choices.”