Travis Kelce Dance at Taylor swift night with a special guest judge

Travis Kelce Dance at Taylor swift night with a special guest judge


Dancing With The Stars announces Taylor Swift Night with a special guest judge: Will Travis Kelce dance?

Season 32 of “Dancing With the Stars” has something special in store for its viewers on Tuesday, November 21: Taylor Swift night.

On this night, the remaining contestants will grace the dance floor to the rhythm of Taylor Swift’s music. We know someone with pretty famous dancing skills who might want to get involved. Here’s Travis Kelce’s audition reel.

How will Travis Kelce be involved in Dancing With The Stars Taylor Swift night?
We know that he is not the guest judge. That honor goes to renowned choreographer of “Dancing With the Stars” and the lead choreographer of “The Eras Tour,” Mandy Moore, which will add to the excitement of the night.

Since the show is already in the middle of the season, Kelce probably will not join in the dancing, which would be a first for him. Whether it’s his touchdown dances for the Kansas City Chiefs, attending a baseball game and getting rowdy, or filming a video for a local charity, Travis takes every opportunity to get down.

ABC primed for two straight nights celebrating Kelce and Swift
The fact is, Kelce may be busy. Airing on Tuesday nights on ABC, “Dancing with the Stars” is set to provide back-to-back evenings of Swift on the network. Just the day before, on November 20, Monday Night Football, broadcasted on ABC, will feature a game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles.

Travis plays as the tight end for the Chiefs, and she’s become a regular presence at their games. Interestingly, Swift also used to be a fan of the Eagles, hailing from Pennsylvania. Not to mention, Travis’ brother, Jason Kelce, plays for the Eagles.

Travis Kelce Dance at Taylor swift night with a special guest judge

For all those reasons, plus the hype of a Super Bowl rematch, it will be a hot ticket, and there is a good chance Swift will be there the night before her DWTS special. Kelce’s presence on the hit dancing competition show is still up in the air, but the network will no doubt leverage he and Swift across the two nights.

In addition to her exciting television appearances, the “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour” film continues to dominate the box office, raking in an impressive $13.5 million during its fourth weekend in theaters.

Last week marked a significant milestone in Taylor Swift’s career, as she achieved billionaire status. Bloomberg reported that her record-breaking tour significantly boosted her net worth to an astounding $1.1 billion.