Travis Kelce’s Cutest Moments as ‘Uncle Trav’

Travis Kelce's Cutest Moments as 'Uncle Trav'


Taylor Swift is not the only woman in the life of Travis Kelce, the superstar tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs.

He is “Uncle Travvy” to Wyatt, Elliotte and Bennett, his absolutely adorable nieces.

Sure, his older brother Jason Kelce is lauded for his super-cute dad moments and Jason’s wife Kylie Kelce gets credit for keeping the household running.

But let’s take a moment to celebrate the many sweet moments Travis has shared with his nieces.

The brothers made a secret bet about which brother would go further in the 2023 NFL playoffs.

If Travis lost, he would shave “Big Yeti” in his chest hair. If Jason lost, he would shave his head, wear a diaper and let Travis autograph his forehead.

After losing the bet, Jason accepted defeat like a gentleman, showing off his bald head and diaper live on stage.

When Jason walked in to surprise Wyatt with the new haircut, she immediately started giggling and pointing, saying, “Your hair! Your brain is gone!”

Travis Kelce's Cutest Moments as 'Uncle Trav'

“I lost a bet to Uncle Travvy and he cut it off,” Jason explains to Wyatt, as shared on the brothers’ “New Heights” podcast.

“He cut it off?” Wyatt repeats. “That’s not nice!” Demanding that her dad get “new hair,” she suggests, “You should get pink hair!”

“Hopefully it grows back pink,” Jason replies.

He later tells Travis that he plans to get a pink wig to get a second reaction from the girls.